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Plaques & Name Plates

Quality Commemorative Plaques & Name Plates in Melbourne

At Scotia Engraving, we make custom plaques and metal name plates to suit your business or personal needs. If you require a commemorative plaque to mark a milestone, memorial, funeral, official opening or a special occasion, we have a large range of plaque sizes and styles to choose from. 

Nothing is too complicated for our craftsmen to create, and we ensure all our plaques are manufactured to the highest quality. From supplying you with the plaque itself to engraving your chosen inscription, we’re your one-stop-shop for quality and attention-to-detail. Your plaque can incorporate multicoloured elements, custom lettering, icons, logos or your desired insignia, for added effect.

Commonly made from materials such as stainless steel, cast bronze, brass or aluminium, our huge range of commemorative plaques and name plates come in a range of finishes to achieve your desired look. By combining the finest traditional skills and engraving technology, the possibilities are almost endless.

We’ve created thousands of bespoke professional plaques and name plates for doctors, dentists, solicitors and accountants all over Victoria and Australia. We can deliver these to you nationwide, or you can come into our store in South Melbourne to chat about your required design and see some examples. We can also restore your existing damaged or worn plates – just ask us how.

Learn more about the options available to you by clicking below:

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is perfect for detailed engraving projects, and is ideal for etching graphics and lettering onto a range of materials and surfaces. 

Laser engraving is cost effective and fast to produce, with the end result being not just long-lasting, but permanent.

Our laser engraving machines are used for engraving and etching the surface of various materials, mostly stainless steel, aluminium, wood or glass. We can also laser cut a variety of materials into almost any shape, including a range of metals, acrylics, polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS and timber veneers.

Call us today to discuss your Laser Engraving or Etching needs. Or email us for more information.

Acid-Etched/Sandblasted Plaques

Potentially the most common kind of contemporary style plaques used today, acid-etching and sandblasting are methods applied mostly for plaques on commercial buildings or businesses, where precise branding, lettering or imagery is required.

Our range of acid-etched or sandblasted plaques knows almost no limit. This technique can be applied on a huge range of metal mediums, and the fine detail means even the most precise of requests can be recreated and transferred onto the metal surface.

Long-lasting and with clean lines, these plaques can be used both externally and internally. A vast range of styles, materials and types are available to suit your vision, and to help you portray a professional image to the public.

Call us today to learn more about the wide range of acid etched plaques we have available. You can also email us for more information, to see some examples, or to discover more about our full range of services.

Hand-chiselled Engraving

The ancient art of hand-chiselled engraving involves great experience, along with strength, care and patience. 

Usually used for engraving trophies, medals or jewellery, this fine art is one in which we specialise. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and can happily provide examples of recently completed hand engraved pieces, to help you select the right type of engraving for you.

We have experienced and registered engravers available onsite at our workshop in South Melbourne. Don’t leave your prized possession with an amateur – bring in your trophy, medal or precious item, and have peace of mind that the end result will be in line with your wishes.

Call us today to learn more about our hand engraving services. Or email us for more information and examples.

Machine Engraving

Providing a more refined and polished result to hand engraving, machine engraving is the most common type of engraving, and the one most people are used to seeing.

Used mostly for metals, jewellery and other precious items, machine engraving still requires a lot of skill to get right and is mostly used for stylised lettering.

With machine engraving, the end result will be down to the experience and workmanship of your engraver, unlike with computer engraving.

Call us today to learn more about machine engraving and if it will produce a look that is right for your engraving needs. Or email us for more information and recent examples.

Computer Engraving

Computer engraving is used to perfectly reproduce text and/or images on the surface of various materials, mostly including metals, plastics and stainless steel. 

These engraved areas can then be filled in with paint to create contrast and match branding, bringing graphics to life and improving legibility.

Computer engraving allows us to perfectly match the vision in your head. Be it a brand, a symbol, lettering or a graphic – we can help! Got a difficult engraving job requiring precision or fine detail? Call the experts today!

Call us today to learn more about computer engraving or to view some examples, and discover our full range of engraving services. Or email us for more information.


Acid etching is a process that allows us to imprint lettering and graphics onto various types of metals including stainless steel, anodised aluminium, brass and copper through the use of acid.

Unlike other forms of printing, acid etching works by embedding the artwork onto the surface of the metal, creating an etched result that will last forever. It cannot fade over time or rub off, meaning a more cost-effective result for the long-term.

Sandblasting achieves a similar result, with crisp edges and sharp lines, but uses a different process. With sandblasting, a plaque is placed in a small cabinet and a high-pressure hose is used to achieve the desired result.

Acid etching and sandblasting can produce much finer detail to engraving. These methods allow us to achieve a much softer look, and can be used to recreate photographs, fine text or company logos with more detail than hand-engraving.

Call us today to learn more about sandblasting and acid etching, or email us for more information, to view some examples or to discover our full range of services.

Screen Printing/Vinyl Lettering & More

Here at Scotia Engraving, we also offer screen printing, digital printing and vinyl lettering services across a range of application types. 

We offer screen printing for core flute signs, place ribbons, poly tags and stickers. We predominantly work using 1, 2 or 3 colours, however if you have a special job, ask us and we may be able to help out with unusual or out-of-the-box projects.

For full colour applications, we offer high quality digital printing services, allowing scope to complete awards, plaques, signage and more where more than three colours are required, or for detailed logos and photos to be applied.

Also offering onsite vinyl lettering services, along with gold leaf lettering which is used on honour boards and other commemorative outputs where lettering is required on wood. We happy to provide more information, if needed.

Call us today to learn more about our printing and lettering services, or email us for more information, to view some examples or to discover more.

Commemorative Plaques

Need to mark an important event, building opening or a special, historical moment? Commemorative plaques are available in a wide range of options.

Memorial war plaques, honour boards, life member or thank you plaques; all needs can be catered for, with bespoke elements to match your vision. Designed and created with care, precision and strong attention-to-detail, we have the range and expertise you need to get the job done perfectly!

Learn more about the options available to you by speaking with our experts.

Got questions? Call us today to discover our range of commemorative plaques, or email us for more information or to view some examples.

Computer Engraved Name Plates

A common application for offices and commercial use are our computer engraved name plates. These could be used both externally or internally, and a vast range of styles, materials and types are available.

From a stylish internal sign to denote who is working in a particular office, or a metal plate on the outside of the building for a doctor, dentist, solicitor or accountant’s office, the purpose of these is to inform people looking for a specific person.

You can also order your door and desk name plates with us.

Call us today to learn more about our computer engraved name plates, or email us for more information, to view some examples or to discover more about our full range of styles.

Hand Engraved Name Plates

Metal Plates

Our metal plates are commonly used as house name plates, commemorative plates, and professional and private name plates. As South Melbourne’s specialists in plaques and brass plates, we can also restore your existing damaged and worn plates. Whether you need us to supply and engrave something specific and complicated or want a simple and striking solution, you can trust Scotia Engraving Co. to exceed your expectations.

Expert On-site Engraving in Melbourne

Our Range of Engraving Services

Our Range of Engraving Services

Engraving is all about quality and care. As third generation engravers, our family has been providing leading engraving services to businesses and individuals across Melbourne for over 70 years. To meet your expectations, we aim to produce the very best quality of engraving solutions for our customers, be it for a small hand engraving job, or a large project with thousands of engraved trophies requiring a fast turnaround.  

We complete every project with care and attention to detail. With our in-house engraving services, we accept walk ins for a wide range of engraving types directly from our workshop in South Melbourne. 

Come and visit our store and experience the level of customer commitment and service that we provide to all our customers.

Engraved in History

Our services have been commissioned over the years as the official engravers for some elite and truly Aussie applications. These include being the official engravers of the Melbourne Cup for many years, along with handling the top-secret engraving for the Logies, and engraving one-off items for the Queen’s visit to Melbourne, among other important events.

We are proud to offer you a broad range of engraving services. If you are looking for the ideal way to commemorate or mark an event or a recent achievement, and can’t find what you’re looking for in our store, we have the capabilities to custom design a trophy, award or medal to suit your individual requirements.

The Stewart family name has been synonymous with engraving in Melbourne since the 1940’s, making us one of the oldest family-run businesses in South Melbourne. You can learn more about our history here.

Along with traditional hand engraving, we provide a suite of engraving, etching and printing services. You can read more about the different kinds of engraving we have on offer by clicking below:

Complete Range of Sports & Dance Trophies in Melbourne

As a company, we have forged a strong reputation for excellence. Our range of trophies feature superb craftsmanship, easy ordering and fast delivery, and our services are always consistent to suit your needs.

As a company, we have forged a strong reputation for excellence. Our range of trophies feature superb craftsmanship, easy ordering and fast delivery, and our services are always consistent to suit your needs. Various ranges of both standard and custom-made trophies and awards - all carefully crafted - are engraved and distributed from our workshop and storefront in South Melbourne.

From sports and dance trophies to impressive glass or crystal awards, we offer hundreds of trophies to choose from, and our extensive onsite engraving services are here to fit your needs. With something to suit every type of accolade or achievement, we work with customers, sporting clubs and businesses from all across Australia, helping to craft their ideal trophy or award.

View our catalogues below.

Our Customers & Clubs

We work with managers from sporting teams and facilitators from various community clubs, and often we find they are looking for an ongoing trophy partner. We offer a fantastic selection of sporting and dance trophies across Melbourne, to help you celebrate your team or individual successes.

Have something specific in mind? We work with you to design and create the trophy or award you have in mind. Maybe you would like it branded to match your club, or with bespoke elements that you are unable to otherwise find. Ask us how.

Glass & Crystal Awards

We also offer a broad selection of sophisticated glass and crystal awards, often used to commemorate corporate events and milestones. Our glass and crystal awards and range of trophies are highly regarded for their quality and aesthetic appeal. We offer both standard and custom-made solutions, whilst maintaining attention-to-detail and prompt turnarounds at all times.

We also specialise in a range of prestigious crystal awards that are available in a variety of different designs. Crystal has long been synonymous with style, prestige and quality, and Scotia Engraving is proud to present to you our range of products from leading global brands. From Bohemia and Dartington, to Waterford, Wedgwood and Whitehill, our range of crystal awards will help to ensure the recipient feels truly special, deserving and celebrated.

You will be impressed with our selection of colours, shapes and sizes found in store. Our stunning glass and crystal awards are available for delivery Australia-wide, along with a range of signage, custom elements and drinkware options.

Call us today to learn more about our trophies and awards, along with our engraving services, or email us for more information, to view some examples or to discover more about our full range of services.

Our Customers Say:

  • Great work. Everything was perfect and even made suggestions when the type of trophy I wanted was no longer in stock. Would definitely use them again in the future.

    Karen Khairul - December 2017
  • Organised a personalised gift for a work colleague and the end result was awesome! Our colleague was speechless! I highly recommend Scotia if you are looking for a personalised gift at a great price with a timely turn-around. Thanks Graeme and Ross @ Scotia Engraving!!!

    Anna Bencic - December 2017
  • Scotia engraving made up a brass doctor's plaque for our practice. Ross kept me updated and it was delivered in a timely manner - thank you.

    Judy Davis - December 2017
  • Fantastic service all round from Ross. Made initial contact by email and options and proofs were provided promptly. Collected engraved plaque in person to be greeted by a very friendly and engaging Ross himself. Great work Scotia Engraving!

    Stephen Harrington - June 2017
  • Ordered name plates for surgical rooms and we were provided with an excellent service at a reasonable price. The name plates look very professional and were all delivered quickly and in immaculate condition. I would highly recommend.

    Yvonne Slater - March 2017

Why Choose Scotia?

  •    Experience impeccable engraving services from an experienced team
  •    Discover true flexibility; fast turnarounds to suit your requirements
  •    Wide range of quality trophies, awards, medals, plaques & more

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