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The Unveiling of WW2 Commemorative Plaques

Ioannis Mitsakos, WW2 Survivor Bill Rudd, Jim Claven and George Saratsiotis.

26 March, 2018

Over 75 years ago, a young digger from Essendon made his way ashore at Pylos harbor on the southwestern coast of the Peloponnese. While hundreds of Allied soldiers had died, young Bill Rudd had just survived one of the tragedies of WW2 – the torpedo attack on the Italian transport ship, Nino Bixio.

Fast forward to December 2017, where Bill was joined by members of Melbourne’s Panpylian and Pammessinian communities and others at an event to celebrate his 100th birthday. This milestone event was also an opportunity to unveil two commemorative plaques created and produced by Scotia Engraving, to mark the tragedies of Nino Bixio in 1942 and the sinking of the Sebastiano Veniero-Jason in 1941, both in the Mediterranean Sea.

To memorialise these special events, we were approached to create two beautiful cast bronze plaques, which were unveiled at the recent event held in Oakleigh.

These two memorial plaques will be erected at the location where those who lost their lives and those who survived were brought ashore.

The plaques also honour the valiant Greek locals who risked their lives to bring survivors ashore, creating a lasting legacy and important connection between that rugged Greek shoreline, and our courageous Anzac troops.  

Scotia Engraving created two cast bronze commemorative plaques to mark the important events of this WW2 Anzac tragedy.

Scotia Engraving created two cast bronze commemorative plaques to mark the important events of this WW2 Anzac tragedy.

It is hoped that their installation will take place in Pylos and Methone in Greece next year, to form part of the country’s emerging WW2 commemorative trail. The trail is to stretch from Lemnos and Thessaloniki across northern and central Greece, the Peloponnese, Crete and the other islands of the Aegean. You can learn more about the Pylos and Methone plaque unveiling ceremony here.

We feel so privileged to be part of an event of such cultural and historical significance, strengthening the legacy and connection between Greece and our Anzacs. If you require a commemorative plaque to mark a special event, milestone or moment in history, you can learn more about our range here, or call our team today for more information.

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