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Establishing a Reward System for your Employees

08 March, 2016

Your employees make up the driving force of your business. They build, sell and send your products, as well as provide customers with a positive experience. Your employees want to feel appreciated for their efforts.

If you find that your employees are losing motivation, consider implementing or reinforcing an employee reward system. Employee awards (including trophies, medals and plaques), can keep your staff invested in the success of your business.  

Here are some suggestions on how to establish a reward system for your employees.

System Development

As you determine what kind of awards and criteria you want for your reward system, consider your department mission and goals. During development, you should define if you will choose the purpose of the awards or if a team will create suggestions. Another option is to hold a survey among employees. Establish awards, nominations and selection procedures based on that information.   

Above all, ensure the program procedures are fair and sincere. Determining guidelines will show your employees that awards aren't given based on favouritism. 

Award Categories

Once you've established the procedures, decide on what type of awards you will offer. These awards should reflect your company's goals whether it's a temporary initiative or long term core value. Consider the following award types.

Anniversary Awards

Employees who feel valued are less likely to leave your company for another job. You can help your employees feel appreciated by thanking them for their loyalty. For example, every year, your company may offer a plaque or gift for each employee's anniversary.

Community Service Awards

Your company may want to promote service by offering awards for good deeds. For instance, once a year, give food to the homeless or clean-up the neighbourhood. If your employees use lunch breaks to serve, they should be recognised for their dedication.

Customer Service Awards

Customer interactions are vital to any business. To encourage positive customer interactions, you may want to offer awards to employees who build business referrals or increase sales. Rewarding positive customer interactions will not only help your employees feel appreciated, but also help customers appreciate your company.

Employee of the Month Awards

Many companies offer employee of the month awards. These awards typically highlight an employee for good performance in a number of areas, such as sales, attendance, customer service and team contributions.

On-the-Spot Awards

To help your employees always give their best effort, consider offering unsuspecting employees recognition awards. On-the-spot awards could recognise extra efforts, additional time given, contributions to a project or unique talents. These random awards don't have to be anything extravagant, perhaps a gift card or thank you note.

Timely Awards

Your company may choose to award employees based off of performance over a certain timeframe, such as on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. These awards may reflect positive performance in any area, such as sales or attendance. Consider awarding employees at company events. Giving the awards publicly can motivate others to try and accomplish the same goal.

Consider including gifts as part of each reward. You can include gift cards for more casual awards or plaques or trophies for more formal awards.  

System Implementation

The final step for your reward system is implementation. Promote and advertise what rewards are available so your employees can work towards them.

Communication is important to have a successful system. After you notify employees of possible rewards, continue to manage and monitor the reward system. You may need to adapt your program based on the changing needs of your employees.

When someone receives an award, share their success with others in the company to drive more participation and demonstrate your commitment to the program. Although you have a reward program, never underestimate the importance of appreciating employees daily. Your formal reward programs should supplement day-to-day recognition.

Now that you have a reward program, make the occasion special with quality and customised trophies. Nothing tells employees that you care as much as personalised awards. 

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