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    11 May 2016
    Token of Victory: The Most Iconic Trophies in Sports

    What's a competition without a prize for the victor? Sure, bragging rights are nice; but, a trophy is a constant reminder of victory. Trophies are the ultimate reward. They're a visual representation of accomplishment.

    But, they've come to mean more than just winning the championship match or getting a perfect score. They symbolize years of hard work and sacrifice....  Continue Reading

    5 April 2016
    5 Steps to Planning the Ultimate End of Season Party

    A sports season always has its ups and downs. Your team experiences wins, losses and that amazing comeback game you'll never forget. Now it's time to remember the season with a team party.

    If you've volunteered to help plan and organise the party, there are several steps you need to take... Continue Reading

    8 March 2016
    Establishing a Reward System for Your Employees

    Your employees make up the driving force of your business. They build, sell and send your products, as well as provide customers with a positive experience. Your employees want to feel appreciated for their efforts.

    If you find that your employees are losing motivation, consider implementing or reinforcing an employee reward system. Employee awards (including trophies, medals and plaques), can keep your staff invested in the success of your business.  

    Here are some suggestions on how to establish a reward system for your employees... Continue Reading

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